Thomas Taylor

  • Performer
  • International Wonderer
  • Brunch Connoisseur
  • Callipygous
  • Ray of Sunshine

A little about me

I’m inspired by spreading joy and connecting with people. That moment when you can share something with someone, on or off the podium. I’ve been performing since I was a kid and nothing brings me more joy than knowing I have affected someone’s life, either by a laugh or something that I’ve said that’s created a spark in you.

Favourites Activities

Car Singing, WakeUp Wednesdays, Going to the Movies, Hanging out with Friends

Favourite Music

Maltesers, Starbucks White Mocha, Movie Theatre Popcorn, Baijiu Cocktails (plz give me discount), MimOooOOOsssAAaaas, Charcuterie Boards

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