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Showing Up For Mental Health - 5 Things You Can Do for Yourself and Others

At YYC Cycle when you walk through those studio doors, you’re showing up for so much more than just your physical health. You’ve just shown up for your body, your community, and your mental health to name a few. 

With January being Mental Health Awareness month, we want to highlight the topic of mental health and provide you with a few ways you can continue to show up for yourself and others.


Cultivate Social Connection

Community, friendships and positive connections are things that we all need. Being there for others can be as intimate as a heart-to-heart conversation with a trusted friend or as small as exchanging a smile with your neighbour but both can brighten another person’s day.

Next week we are joining our community to be a part of the Make Some Noise ride for the fourth year in a row. Join us on January 27th for a DJ spin event in support of Mental Health Initiatives at SAIT. Sign up for the waitlist here!


Spinning into your Brain Benefits

Staying active is just as good for your brain as it is for your body. The chemicals released in your brain during your visit to the studio can lift your mood and boost your energy. 

Read more about how spin benefits your brain.

Take Time For You

It’s easy to focus on what you NEED to do but sometimes we need to focus on what we WANT to do, if only because it will bring us joy… and it’s fun! Big or small, find time to do your favourite activity and watch as letting yourself relax into what you love helps melt the stress away. 


Bring on the Brain Food

Just like some foods can negatively affect the way your body feels, unhealthy eating choices can do the same for your brain and mood. Things like caffeine, alcohol or food with trans fats could be a culprit in negative physical and emotional feelings.

Adding brain foods like avocado, leafy greens, nuts, and beans can be an easy way to give your brain a boost.


Get Your Snooze On

We’re not saying snooze that button in the morning, except that maybe we are! Missing out on sleep can take a toll on your energy, mental health and ability to handle stress during the day. To avoid being late for your morning commitments try getting a head start on the recommended 8hrs of sleep in the evening. Winding down at night and putting down your devices can help you land in dream land and keep both your body and brain feeling healthy.



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