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MO Heroes: Life Outside The Spin Room

Our Motivators come from all backgrounds and careers, and every single one of them brings something unique from what they do, into the studio and onto the bike! This week we are tipping our hats to the MOs of YYC Cycle who work in life-saving professions! 

Is it a bird? A plane? Nope! It's our athleisure spangled Motivators doing their absolute best to help others in their everyday lives, and if that's not heroic than we don't know what is! We are so lucky to have these individuals on our podium who care so deeply about the safety of our Bikergang and are able to bring their heroic ways onto the bike with them every class. Without further some of the heroes of YYC Cycle!

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Steve Cavanagh


 As a child I had two dreams: one was to be an NHL player, and the other was to be a firefighter. When I realized I wasn’t good enough to make the NHL, I shifted my focus on firefighting. It was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I love my job!

What part of your job keeps you coming back every day?

My coworkers. It sounds a little cliche but the people you spend your time within the fire hall really do become like family. Every day we go into potentially life-threatening situations together, and you have to respect and believe that each one of the other firefighters has your back, and you theirs. The work is so dynamic and you deal with new calls every day. I literally am just as excited to go back to work as I am to go on my days off. I’m very lucky in that regard!

Do you find that any part of your job translates over into your Motivator style, and if so, how?

Fitness is a huge part of being a firefighter. I really feel like my classes were elevated to a whole new level once I got on with fire. I do my best every time I teach to make the class as challenging as it can be, but not leaving anyone in the Bikergang feeling defeated. I feel like my “style” is hard, fast and fun, and I can thank my fitness level for that.


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Kat Koger

Clinical Researcher

 I am a Clinical Research Coordinator with the University of Calgary. I essentially organize and orchestrate all aspects of clinical trials from patient recruitment to data analysis. I always had an interest in medicine, and this gives me the opportunity to make an impact with medical advances and education while not being directly on the front lines. 

What part of your job keeps you coming back every day?

I love being in clinical research as every day is different - from interacting with patients that have an interest in furthering medical research, to systematic reviews of previously published literature. I have an overly curious mindset, and my job brings a sense of personal satisfaction and excitement when I am able to engage in discussions about new studies with colleagues all while satisfying my obsession with learning something new every day. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with some of my closest friends. I am so lucky to love what I do. 

Do you find that any part of your job translates over into your Motivator style, and if so, how?

I think the vast difference between being involved in research and motivating is what brings me so much balance in my life. I don’t have to have that analytical, critical thinking mindset while I am teaching, and it’s fun to let my creative side that doesn’t come out that often shines through.


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Elise Stifter


 I am currently in my final year of nursing (woohoo!). Nurses do so much more than just physical tasks that are ordered. Nurses selflessly dedicate themselves to patient care while taking into consideration the social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. It’s about genuinely caring for the patient and doing everything in your power to aid them in becoming stronger, healthier, and more knowledgeable.

I joined this profession because I am one of the lucky ones I guess that has always known what I’ve wanted to do. I have many nurses in my family that I look up to which I think influenced this decision. Now having almost finished this degree, I still choose this profession because of its unmeasurable satisfaction through helping others. It is truly the biggest reward!

What part of your job keeps you coming back every day?

Nursing provides me with an intangible level of satisfaction that I would never trade. It is also a profession that you can continuously learn and have new experiences in; it is never boring!

Do you find that any part of your job translates over into your Motivator style, and if so, how?

I think one part that translates over is making a connection with Bikergang and allowing myself to be vulnerable. Motivating has also allowed me to have a safe place to essentially scream into the mic, which on some days is very much needed. I hope that my classes also allow for a safe place to recharge and let go of whatever that day, week, month, or year has brought.



Mike Wenzlaw

Firefighter turned Coffee Roaster & Entrepreneur

 Currently, I am a Co-Founder of Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, a local coffee roaster that started just over four years ago by myself and business partner Jamie Parker. We started the company as Wildland Firefighters and learned to roast coffee in the bush, in a cast iron pan on the fire line. We both always wanted to create an inviting culture in Calgary that represented how we feel about the outdoors and Alberta so we started a coffee roasting company to bring people together and foster community.

 What part of your job keeps you coming back every day?

 Honestly, because it is a job that lets you be infinitely creative! You get to wake up every day to challenge and redefine what your passion is, and then build on it. You have the ability to work with so many incredible people/companies chasing their own passions -  and that is the most addicting thing in this world! Owning your own business allows you to set OR disregard your personal limits.

 Do you find that any part of your job translates over into your Motivator style, and if so, how?

 Aside from a dependence on coffee for the early morning classes? There is a ton that translates! The biggest thing being a connection in the room and an unrelenting pursuit to put ourselves in a state of discomfort (growth). It is important that you are always uncomfortable, always pushing, and learning that leaning into that is the only way you will foster positive change.


These four and many other Motivators, Crew and Key Leaders are true heroes in our eyes! Look out for future blog posts to get to know your studio staff and until then check out our Motivators page to see what their lives look life both on and off the bike.


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