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First date to Forever: How one Bikergang popped the question on the podium

We get to see a lot of love at YYC Cycle, for our community, for each other, and for ourselves. But on October 18th we got to see a first. A private class filled with Osheen’s and Akshay’s closest friends and family, all waiting in anticipation for a very special moment.


The Big Moment

The lights were dark in the spin room and everyone from the couple’s parents to their little cousins from Edmonton were on their bikes. Jess Dumont was instructing the hand positions over and over, while staff members rode in the seats closest to the entrance until the door opened with two just-in-time riders. Osheen and her friend (who was very much in on the surprise).


O+A Proposal


A remixed version of the song ‘You and I’, started and finished, then the original version began to play. In the original plan, Akshay thought Osheen would realize what was happening when she saw there was no bike on the podium and her favourite song began playing, but with the shock of realization setting in, Osheen remained clipped into her bike staring at her friends and family.

Cue the sweetest change in plans. The lights went on and Akshay walked over to his soon to be fiance and led her to the podium where he got down on one knee and asked the question everyone had been waiting for. 




Planning a Spin Proposal

Planning a spin proposal was no easy event. Behind the scenes for Akshay was not only organizing a private class with the studio but coordinating the schedules of all the loved ones he wanted there for this moment.

His planning didn’t stop there, every detail to ensure Osheen would be completely surprised during the class was carefully thought out and considered. Details like organizing how to book Osheen into a class marked private on MINDBODY without her seeing the status, the timing needed for all of their loved ones to get into the spin room with waivers signed and shoes on, and even writing fake names on the bike chart were planned and executed flawlessly


Q+AProposal3 Q+AProposal5


Minutes before the party entered the spin room they huddled together.

“I look around and it’s our best friends, our parents and our cousins and everyone was in this tiny little room. The whole thing was super emotional”


Why Akshay Chose YYC Cycle as the Spot to Propose

Akshay originally thought to propose to Osheen on a trip to Japan but having their friends and family there to celebrate was much more important to him than the location. 

He also knew that he wanted to pop the question to Osheen somewhere that meant something to their relationship and he couldn’t think of anywhere they frequented together as much as YYC Cycle. Not to mention that spin and dinner was their first official date!




Osheen and Akshay say that they are really glad they had the proposal at YYC Cycle because when they come to the studio it brings them back to that special day. “For a second we look, and say ‘oh remember, I was right there and your dad was sitting right here’. So every time we go back, every single week, it reminds us.”


We are so grateful and honoured to be such a large part of your love story Akshay and Osheen! Thank you for letting us share your beautiful proposal with our Bikergang to celebrate a day of love.


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Tomorrow we are packing our classes with team teaches, theme rides and OF COURSE spinsties and valentines! We are also giving away three Valentine's Day baskets filled with goodies from amazing local collaborators, to enter, bring your spinstie to class on February 14th and both of you will be entered into the draw!

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