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Hey Calgary Bikergang! This V-Day we interviewed three couples who spin together religiously at YYC Cycle to see what it really means to sweat it out beside your partner in crime, best bud and spin lover. Check out these cuties! 


Betty & Simon

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Betty and Simon have been coming to spin classes together for the last three years, but Betty was the first to convince Simon to come to a class with her after she had tried it with a friend. At the end of an especially hard class Simon swore he would never go back, but after giving it one more shot he was hooked.

Today it’s Simon who most often pushes them go to class. He says, “showing up is always the hardest thing, so when one of us one of us wants to go and the other doesn’t want to go, guess what we’re going anyways.”

For Betty and Simon going to spin classes together is about sharing the experience and working towards the same goal. The couple jokes that they feel like a team when they are on the bikes, and they push each other to be stronger and hit the beat by letting one another know if they were off. 

Spin makes them feel stronger as a couple, Betty says that they don’t talk much before or during class as they are in their own element, but as they go through class and she sees his struggle face in the mirror she feels like they are sharing the experience. “When we fist bump or cheers our water bottles, it means a lot. We did it together.”

Mike & Jennie


Just over three years ago Mike bought Jennie and himself a two week class pass for Christmas. Mike was hooked from the beginning, going to all fourteen days of classes. Jennie came to class seven of those days but was not quite convinced from the start.

Jennie says that Mike has been her motivation to go to class,“it’s hard to get here but you leave feeling refreshed and you have more energy.” She says she has also started enjoying spin a lot more from since she stopped feeling like she was going to die during the first few classes to feeling good while shes on the bike.

“It’s good to go together” Jennie says “it’s good to have to do together.” Mike and Jennie also enjoy that it is something for their family to do together now that their sons are also coming to classes with them.

Brett & TJ


From date number one, Brett and TJ have never looked back and are planning for a fall wedding. Similarly, since the first time the couple came into YYC Cycle three years ago and sweat it out side-by-side in Kelsay Gault’s class, they were hooked.

From both hiding (in their own words) at the back corner of the class, asking for help from the MOs and demanding the fan, to today, Brett and TJ are still spinning it out on the regular but now in the back centre.

Brett and TJ say having one another’s support provides motivation, especially when it involves dragging each other to class on those cold, rushed, and hard to find parking days. Spinning together also means that Brett gets to listen to TJ whistle, scream and sing-a-long and TJ says having Brett by his side means some extra eye candy during class.

“It provides another level of energy, a combined goal and challenge together...a week filled with a dance party, sweat sessions in a room with great people sets the foundation for a laugh filled relationship,” the couple says.


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